"Great composition. I loved the colors and how it made me feel. 

 Definitely remarkable. I would be interested in seeing Anita's future products as well."

E. B.


"...Thank you so very much for everything you have done for me, I will have many hours of happy stitching ahead of me."

C. H.


"I decided to buy one of Anita’s butterflies for my daughter. I received it in a very timely manner. Not only is the necklace beautiful, but also the packaging! She put a touch of aesthetics in everything!

R. McD.

A very happy customer" 


"Hi Anita, really happy with purchase, I've gotten into peyote work, and I'm trying out all the different ways of peyote stitch. Your pattern really caught my eye, I love vivid colours and patterns,..." - S.


 "Anita's professionalism is impeccable! I loved how she was proactive about each step in the jewelry making process ensuring that I (the customer) was completely satisfied! The end product was beautiful and flawless with great quality work done! I will definitely use her again for her awesome skills and tell anyone else about her work and great communication skills! She truly does care about her customers! Thanks again, Anita!" - CLR


"Anita made several pieces of jewelry and they were absolutely beautiful. She worked with me on the design and colors. I listened to her recommendations and the finished pieces were delightful. I was first introduced to her work by purchasing earrings and they are among my favorite to wear. I never fail to get compliments when I wear them. I only have 4 pairs and I definitely want more.

I'll be visiting her very soon.

J. S." 


"I met Anita over the Thanksgiving holiday (at one of her shows) and that turned out to be the best thing. I saw her work & immediately loved it. Her pieces are unique and beautiful. I bought a gorgeous bracelet and ordered another type right then. Anita is professional & super sweet. I was astonished to see how fast she made my special order, while all along keeping me in touch by email (regarding the progress & pics). She shipped it out right away and when I got it, I was so happy, it was everything (and more) of what I had pictured. I automatically ordered (2) more for Christmas presents. Anita worked with me to get exactly what I wanted, she even rushed so I could have by Christmas. They came and AGAIN are gorgeous, so much so, I wanna keep for myself. I strongly recommend Anita Personally & Professionally. Her work is Impeccable.

T. H." 


"Just wanted to let you know that I received the earrings today. They are beautiful and sparkly and I know my sister will love them!

And thank you for the Christmas packaging!!"



"Love these, so sweet and delicate, nice details, good quality. My ears are very sensitive, no problem with these..."



"I am wearing my new Lapis Lazuli earrings and I absolutely love them!!! : ) They are the perfect size and the quality of the Lapis is excellent. Thank you for making these Anita!

Love, M." 


"Anita, sok örömet kívánok az alkotáshoz, fantasztikus munkád van!..."

L. Cs.  


"Dear Anita,

I was impressed with your art work. This is wonderful. Do you do shows?"

M. M.  


"Hello Anita,

Wow, I really liked your artworks, they look lovely... Thank you so much for sharing with me."

O. O. 


"Wowwwww! Those pieces of jewelry make my knees weak, just beautiful!! It's so cool the way they remind me of my favorite piece of your artwork, you really put your uniqueness into the jewelry, and I hadn't realized that was possible with that artform. It's truly fascinating.

I don't mince words when it comes to artwork, I was profoundly affected by your pieces. I think my favorites are the necklace and red earrings, about even Steven on those. The thing I really like is that they stand out as artworks as opposed to merely decorative jewelry. They remind me of a Frank Lloyd Wright building, even though they are structures for practical use they are also fine art. I find that rare."

R. B. - Fine Artist (Painter) 


"Na, hat megneztem vegul a muveidet... Csak azt tudom mondani, hogy nagyon jok a kepek is meg az ekszerek is!!..."

A. F.  


"Én is néztem a képeidet és engem a motívumok és formák lendülete, valamint a fekete-fehér játéka fogott meg.

Jó érzéseket kommunikálnak felém."

J. T. 


"Na szia!

Hat nem tudtam megallni h azonnal ne nezzem meg oket.

... N tetszenek a rajzaid. Tenyleg egyediek. A kedvencem az albumod elso kepe, nekem

egy vidam, zenelo fat kommunikal, nemcsak latvanyt nyujt, hanem eletet kinal.

Es a negy op-art (jol irtam?) kep is kutya jo, jo nezni oket es ott lenni.

En tenyleg nem vagyok szakerto, csak egy leny, akit elerhet az esztetika es a muveszet. Hat engem elertel.

Csinalj n sok ujat meg!!!!"

Olel: I. V.  


"I totally love this! Reminds me very much of Joan Miro's (my favorite artist) work. A tree as it should be; so full of life. I see birds and squirrels in this. Even a dog looks up into the tree."

C. McN.